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Go get ‘em, ladies.

We build up pretty pictures of men, when we want to be in love. We hate to have them ruined.
Tricksters Choice by Tamora Pierce (via fytortall)

the amazing spider-man 2 + trivia

i do not have to choose between beauty and bravery.
there is no correlation between my bust line 
and the size of my heart.
i am both a woman and a soldier,
with all the more strength because of it.
The movie is about…as he struggles to find an identity in the modern world, his old life is slipping away - is hanging on by a thread. Peggy doesn’t remember him… and she’ll be dead soon. She’s the last remnant of his past. And Sam happens to find his way into his life, so now he’s slowly meeting a new friend, he’s gaining a trust with Widow…so the movie is about a journey for him as he finds new elements in the modern world to emotionally attach himself to. The cruel twist is that, the Winter Soldier shows up…and it’s like the past punching him in the face.” — Joe Russo [x]
Not a bad way to spend a Saturday. Check out the Orchard House kickstarter: #pledgeyourlove

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday. Check out the Orchard House kickstarter: #pledgeyourlove

↳ “[Lois Lane] just has this absolute loyalty for what is good and right and just, and it parallels what Superman is and what he embodies.”


I for one think the world is ready for a black, queer, size 10 Wonder Woman. :) Took a few shots in my Wonder Woman costume which I love! Definitely plan on upgrading my armor but I’m still unbelievably happy with this! Not sure what it is about this costume but it definitely makes you want to stand a little taller and go off to be a badass.

I have more pictures in my costume at my facebook page!

AWESOME! The shorts fit great (which is so hard to do), and the headband looks perfect!